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2023 Detox and Weight-Management Program

Are you ready to cleanse your body and feel wonderful from within?

Bodhaya is excited to be offering this well-tested and proven Detox and weight-management program by Desbio to start the new year 2023.

The DesBio Evolution Weight-Management Program has helped over 150,000 people achieve their weight loss goals.

This program provides a suite of homeopathic and nutraceutical products to reduce appetite, support a healthy metabolism, and address the many common side effects of dieting. An easy-to-follow patient guide outlines the entire program from start to finish and includes tips to support your success.

This program is part of Celia’s Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching. For her, it is not simply a health concept but part of her lifestyle and is here to share it with you.

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to gift your body with a reset after the Holidays and start 2023 afresh!

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The Weight-Management program by Desbio consist of
4 steps:

Step 1: 14 DayS Detox

Every weight management program should be accompanied by a comprehensive detoxification program. The Detox kit contains six specialized homeopathic remedies- Cerebromax, SpinalMax, Matrix Support, Detox I, Detox Il, and Detox Ill that temporarily relieve the common symptoms that occur when fat and toxins are released from the body such as headaches, body aches, and fatigue.

The first 3 days you're going to take Cerebromax, SpinalMax, Matrix Support.


Because the brain is the driving force in the elimination of toxins from the body, it must be supported and it's function optimized to ensure effective detox.

CerebroMax contains homeopathic ingredients carefully chosen to temporarily relieve common symptoms related to brain toxicity including mood swings and brain fog, sleep, memory, and emotional issues. 

These ingredients include:
Acetylcholine chloride; Norepinephrine; Dopamine; Serotonin; Diencéphalon suis; Pineal gland suis; and Talamus opticus suis.


The spine is the information pathway of the body and must be functioning optimally for the brain to exercise control over the elimination of toxins.

SpinalMax has been formulated to temporarily relieve symptoms related to toxicity of the neuropathways such as emotional issues and mood swings, to spine issues including spasm, pain, anxiety, nervousness, and the inability to hold chiropractic adjustments.

These ingredients include:
Cimicifuga racemosa; Cinchona officinales; Ledum palustre; Aesculus hippocastanum; Thiaminum hydrochloricum; Riboflavinum; Natrum oxalaceticum, Coenzyme A, and Nicotinamidum.


Ultimately detoxification takes place in the interstitial matrix- the space between the cells. The matrix transfers toxins from the cells to the bloodstream, where they can be eliminated through the renal system. Matrix Support has been formulated to temporarily relieve symptoms related to toxicity such as headaches and flu-like symptoms.

Matrix Support provides traditional homeopathic ingredients for the temporary relief of symptoms such as occasional diarrhea, occasional constipation, headaches, gas, congestion, irritated eyes, and indigestion.

These ingredients include:
Ceanothus Americana; Mannan; Mandragora officinarum; bike duct suis, Pancreas suis; Duodénum suis, intestine suis, Rectum suis; Esophagus suis; Jejeunum suis; Stomach suis; Urinary bladder suis; Eye suis; lung suis; and Nasalis suis.

The following 4 days you are going to take Detox I, Detox II, Detox III

Detox I

This formula contains homeopathic ingredients chosen to temporarily relieve symptoms related to liver toxicity such as headache and runny nose. Temporary relief of symptoms related to digestive issues, such as bloating, gas, occasional diarrhea, occasional constipation, fatigue, and stomach upset.

These ingredients include:
Carduus marianus; Cynara scolymus; Menadione; Alpha lipoic acidum; Taraxacum officinale; Chelidonium; and Methylcobalamin.

Detox II

the kidneys are the primary means of purifying the blood, removing toxins which are then eliminated through the urinary system. Detox Il has been formulated to temporarily relieve symptoms related to kidney toxicity such as body aches and headaches, fatigue and mood issues.

These ingredients include:
Solidago vigaurea; Berberis vulgaris; Terebintha; Equisetum hyemale; Sarsaparilla; Argentum nitricum; Cantharis; Hepar sulphuris calcareum; and Colibacilinum. 

Detox III

the lymphoid system is a vital part of the body's immune system, and congestion of lymphatic tissue can obstruct the body's natural immune response. Detox Ill was developed to temporarily relieve symptoms related to lymph system stagnation such as occasional constipation and body aches. Detox III provides traditional homeopathic ingredients for the temporary relief of symptoms relating to improper breakdown and excretion of allergenic substances, including pain, fatigue, cramping, and upper respiratory allergy.

These ingredients include:
Coccus cacti; Echinacea angustifolia; Aesculus hippocastanum; Gentiana lutea; Calcarea phosphorica; Phenylalanine; Antimonium tartaricum; Geranium robertianum; Sarcolactic acid; Gallium aparine; Ferrum phosphoricum; Mercurius solubilis; Cortisone aceticum; Triiodothyronine; Hepar suis; Hypothalamus suis; Glandula suprarenalis; lymph suis, Tonsil suis, Spleen suis, and Medulla oasis suis.

This detox protocol is to be continued for approximately 60days or until the bottles are empty.

Step 2: Calorie- restricted Diet

What is hA2cg Evolution?

A revolutionary weight management product designed for medically supervised calorie-restricted weight loss plans such as the Evolution Weight management Program.

hA2cg is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to increased appetite, regulation of fat metabolism, headache, and fatigue. It is formulated using homeopathic homochords to relieve symptoms that come with dieting and fat release such as hunger, food cravings, decreased energy, fatigue, and other common discomforts commonly associated with calorie restricted diets.

hA2cg contains two bio identical active amino acid chain groups (AACG-A and AACG-B) from the human chorionic gonadotropin molecule combined with targeted weight management homeopathic ingredients.

These ingredients include:
Asclépias Vinc (6x 12x 30x), Echinacea (6x 12x 30x), Hypothalamus Suis (6x 12x 30x), Cerebrum (8x), Hepar Suis (8x), kidney (8x), Methylcobalamin (8x), Pancreas (8x), Stomach (8x), AACG-A (8x 12x 30x 60x 200x), AACG-B (8x 12x 30x 60x 200x), Calc Carb (12x 30x 60x), Gelsemium (12x 30x 60x), Graphites (12x 30x 60x), Nux Vom (12x 30x 60x), Phytolaca (12x 30x 60x), Gambogia (14x 30x 60x), 7-oxo- dehydroepiandrosterone- 38-acetate (30x), ATP (30x) insulinum (30x), Sarcolacticum Ac (30x), Proteus (Vulgaris) (30C)

Which Protocol is best for me?

Contact Celia now to discuss and decide whether this program is for you, and, if so, which protocol is going to be the most successful for you.

This program provides two different protocol options based on your weight-loss needs and activity level:

1) Lean-body (500-calories) protocol
Which involves an extremely calorie-restricted diet with no exercise for the ones with more sedentary lifestyles and significant weight-loss goals.

2) Active-lifestyle (1000-calories) protocol
Also involves a calorie-restricted diet but also involves exercise and is for the ones who want to lose moderate amounts of excess body fat.

This program is done with the support of Celia, Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, to guide you and give you tips and tools that can help you throughout the whole program.

Step 3: Maintenance

21 additional days. This is a very important step of the program to maintain your weight loss. This step starts immediately after the three days of calorie restriction without the hA2cg Evolution drops.

During maintenance, you should increase calories to the ideal calorie intake required to maintain goal weight. I’m here to walk you through every steps of the way during this program, giving you supports, tips, recipes, tools to make your weight loss program a success!

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Step 4: Lifestyle changes

Some of you are going to lose many pounds on this program. You must continue to make healthy diet choices for long-term weight management success. 

After following the maintenance step of this program for three weeks, you are going to be able to start to re-introduce starches and sugars and other previously avoided foods back into your diet.

This is a time where Celia is going to carefully counsel you on how to eat for the rest of your life.

Kick off the new year by incorporating this program into your lifestyle. Join Celia and start the Detox Protocol and Weight-Management Program now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is hA2cg Evolution and how does it work?

hA2cg Evolution is a comprehensive homeopathic product that combines 23 ingredients for the purpose of supporting temporary symptom relief during a calorie-reduced weight-loss plan. Taking these ingredients alone will not result in any improvements in weight or body composition.

This formula was intended to be used in support of a medically supervised weight-loss plan for maximum benefit. Two of the active ingredients in hA2cg Evolution are homeopathic dilutions of AACG-A and AACG-B. These are amino acid chains bioidentical to certain active amino acids chains in human chorionic gonadotropin molecule. These two amino acid chains help to minimize the many uncomfortable side effects of dieting, including hunger, low moods, and fatigue.

Is hA2cg Evolution safe?

Homeopathic hA2cg Evolution is extremely safe. It is a bioidentical form of amino acids. Over 30,000 users have not reported any major problems with its use during these protocols. The biggest problems have occurred when someone did not follow the protocol for detoxification. Then the person suffered from the effects of toxins released from fat cells.

Would I lose the same amount of weight on a diet only?

A calorie-restricted diet results in weight loss in everyone. However, many of you who attempt to lose weight by simply cutting calories are unsuccessful due to the many discomforts associated with reducing calorie intake. The ingredients in hA2cg Evolution are intended to help you stick to your weight-management plan by helping to temporarily relieve symptoms such as food cravings, low energy, and mood problems.

Is hunger normal on this diet?

The blend of ingredients in hA2cg Evolution are designed to temporarily relieve symptoms such as hunger. As a result, after about 2 days on the calorie-restricted diet, many of you notice a significant decrease in your appetite. Overall, you are going to have plenty of energy and feel good while on the program. Do not confuse emotional cravings for food for hunger.

Disruptions in normal meals and snacking times during this program can often lead to an emotional craving for food. I'm going to give you the tips and tools needed. I would suggest for you to take Appetite Control and/or Crave Control, we'll talk about it on the protocol and you have to make sure you stay properly hydrated.

Does the weight loss slow down after the first month? 

Weight loss is fastest during the first weeks, and then slows down gradually after that. The body will plateau or level off after 3-4 weeks. This is typical for both protocols and does not mean that weight loss has stopped. typically, inches are being lost continuously throughout the protocols. Weight loss is usually achieved in a stair-step fashion. You may lose weight, then level out for a few days while the body is rebuilding and restructuring cells and tissues from the large weight loss.

What should women do when they are following the Evolution Weight-Management Program and have their periods?

Women who are planning on following this protocol should start the program immediately at the end of their period. It is not recommended that it be started at any other time. When menses begins during the protocol, women should discontinue using hA2cg Evolution for the three days of their period with the most significant volume.

(The "off days" still count toward the 23- and 42-day periods.) The calorie-restricted diet should be maintained during these 3 days. You should restart the hA2cg Evolution after those three days. Weight gain during this time may fluctuate dramatically, and women should not be concerned with weight fluctuations during their period.

Are there any special requirements for anyone over 50? 

For any of you over 50 following either protocol, I recommend using High Vitality to temporarily relieve any symptoms related to aging that may worsen on the diet. These symptoms may include skin sagging due to weight loss and lower energy levels. For any women who is at or near menopause and following this protocol, I recommend Hormone Combination to temporarily relieve hormone-related symptoms. This is something to decide during the program. Let's see how you do.

Am I going to lose any muscle mass?

The principal proponent of a weight-loss method based on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) was Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons.

According to Simeons, when following this protocol, the body burns fat as its primary source of energy during the diet.

However, some subjective information related to the calorie-restricted diet (individual responses and informal feedback) has suggested that some muscle/protein loss is still experienced during the diet as part of the process. In addition, the inability to continue significant activities such as exercise and weight lifting during the very low-calorie portion of the diet will also allow for a natural decline in pure muscle mass. Some of you who are interested in continuing muscle-building activities should consider the Active-Lifestyle (1000 Calorie) Protocol.

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Emilie Coue

- The FDA has not approved hA2cg Evolution for weight-loss therapy
- There is no substantial evidence that supports the efficacy of hA2cg Evolution related to weight loss that may occur other than caloric restriction
- Users must be monitored by their healthcare provider

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